Howdy! Welcome to Peter & Mae Photography & Videography. We're a duo from North Brisbane in Australia who love to do photography & videography. Here's what you need to about us!

Firstly, our names are Bianca and Josh! Why is our business called Peter & Mae then?

Well, its pretty cute and they're actually our middle names! If you call us Peter & Mae by mistake, don't sweat. We totally get you mean. 

Secondly, we ADORE what we do.

We love to capture the big and small events in your life. So whatever you're after, we want to make sure that we help your vision and our vision come true in the photos and videos we take. So let's grab a coffee, have a sit down and get creative. We're pretty much down for anything, so shoot us an email and we'll make sure that we'll send you a reply from 1-2 business days.

Thirdly, who takes the photos and who takes the video?

Bianca (little Asian girl you see in the photo above) is our photographer! She's currently studying a double degree in Photography and Business. Josh (the dude to your right in the photo above) is our videographer! He's currently studying a Bachelor in Film and Screen Media. 

Lastly, here's a little bit more information on the cameras we use! 

So far we have three camera babies, all starting with the letter F. Fredrick (Canon 750D), Freya (Canon 5D Mark iii), and Fitzgerald (Lumix Parasonic Lumix GX9).  

There's just a little bit of background information about us. So if you're totally down and want to see more about prices and packages click here! We're excited to get in touch with you and to know about your story. Read more