Beyond the lens.

Whole-hearted worship, genuine love and almighty praise.


Jack & Sarah’s Christian wedding - Neminbah Valley, QLD.

(Before we jump right in, feel free to press play and listen to Jack & Sarah’s chosen wedding song - we believe music is form of expression of individuality and heart. This song, Swim by Valley definitely sums up Jack & Sarah’s love and personality).

We were created to create. As creatives we see it as a act of worship when we’re creating. We are filling our duty, our purpose, imaging and designing an idea, a fabrication of imagination and turning it into a reality.


Within our business and our job, as a photographer & videographer we’re required to be creative on demand. Such a pressure often drains people of their longing to create. There’s often no room for peace, for stability, security to think beyond the lens. But it is when we are filled with God’s insight and love that we are able to fuel our desire to create on demand, to be present in the moment in order to capture the moment.


When we capture weddings our hearts are overwhelmed and overcome with such a genuine love and kindness. We know that this union between husband-wife was what God ordained, what He intended to be used to further spread His gospel. This is what was intended in God’s creation of marriage. We aren’t there to only capture your day, but to celebrate & glorify those moments with you. Those moments that reflect God’s true, holy, unpretentious glory.


Christian weddings symbolise such a glorious day that will change not only two people’s lives here on Earth, but their lives in eternity. And because of this, we understand the true joy in exchange between husband and wife. While we work & edit we see those emotions - the peace, promise, love, and provision given and exchanged to one another whole-heartedly. Once the work is done we sit back and give one final farewell, a final prayer. Through this final process we reflect that we were made for more than just being a “photographer” and a “videographer” we were made to give praise to God, and through our creative work we have achieved the most authentic form of worship. We were made for more, we are more.


There is a deeper purpose in our work, there is that higher calling that unites our spirit and gives us this uncontrollable love that we have for our brides and grooms. We aren’t here to be at your wedding for 8 hours, we are here to love, to journey, and to celebrate this moment with you. That is our purpose beyond the lens.