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Welcome to Peter & Mae Photography & Videography.

“We’re in love with your love.”

Our names are Bianca & Josh. We're a duo from North Brisbane in Australia who love to do photography & film. Just two little foreign hearts who met and fell in love down in Grand Old Straya'. We know that every love story out there is different, unique and speical to each individual couple. But we want to try and capture all of that love into photographs & videos. We love authentic, real, emotion. We want you guys to look back on your memories and reflect on your journey together. So, let's totally meet up! Tell us about your funny stories together, your hardships that made you stronger, your hopes and dreams for the future. We want to get to know you as well as we can as we capture some of the most important events of your life. Feel free to read more about us with the little button below, but we are way more interested into hearing about you & your love story! 


We can't wait to meet you.


North Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.